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Vale Reg Kerslake


From its initial concept Dalby Community Radio has had no greater advocate and supporter than Reg Kerslake.  It is with great sadness that 4DDD has learnt of the passing of this stalwart, not only of 4DDD, but of the Dalby community.


Reg was one of the founders of the Dalby Broadcasting Association Inc and remained committed to its success from his first day.  With his undoubted expertise in the technical side of radio, no doubt gained from his love of amateur radio, (often called Ham Radio), Reg spent many hours building, repairing and advising the station on the most effective way to broadcast to our community. 


He was ably assisted by his son-in-law, another volunteer, the late Neil Holmes, and together they were the technical team who looked after the broadcasting equipment that the rest of us knew little about.


We on-air presenters are eternally grateful for their expertise, solid commitment and cheery encouragement.


As the station grew it became apparent that it would need a full-time manager.  Reg again stepped up and became station manager in addition to his technical role and stayed the course for many years. Reg’s passion for Dalby and its radio station is unquestioned, and those of us who have been around since those heady days will always be aware of Reg’s inability to accept the status quo.


Always looking for a better way to do things, he introduced many initiatives to make the job of announcing easier, more professional and up to date.  Reg was there when we started our first foray into using computers for broadcasting. His technical expertise was invaluable.


We were lucky that Reg Kerslake had a passion for our community and for its betterment – and his commitment to 4DDD and the Dalby community.


Without his knowledge, support and guidance, and his enduring lessons of continuous improvement, we would not be the radio station we are today.


We are deeply saddened by his passing, but we will strive to remember the lessons he taught us, to be always looking for a better way to broadcast to our community. 


Vale Reg Kerslake.


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