Like you, we love to hear Aussie artists on the airwaves.  We are thrilled when new and emerging artists get their foot in the door and are succesful in getting their music played on air.

At Aussie Grown Radio we believe that music connects the world and we want to affect change using music with meaning and message; created by artists who champion Christians values of faith, hope, love, grace, peace, joy and service.

This is how Aussie Grown Across the Nation (AGATN) was born. It’s mantra is to play anything from the top of the charts to the grassroots, praise and worship to metal, rock to blues, folk to country and anything in between.

With over 22 years in radio spanning 4 decades, our very own ‘Australian Christian music encyclopaedia Hank David heads up the Aussie Grown team. AGATN began during Hank’s 5 1/2 years with Sunshine Coast station 106five (now Salt106.5) where he performed various roles from newsletter editor to office manager, Announcer and Music Director. Hank now records and produces Aussie Grown from his home studio with the help of other team members listed below!

Hank has an amazing collection of current and past Australia Christian music which is second to none and the research he does over and above gives him the edge. The music is fresh, the information is relevant and the potential of the programme has seen it picked up by a large number of community radio stations and networks and it is broadcast right round Australia.

Check out the Aussie Grown Radio Facebook and Twitter pages and you can be kept even further up-to-date with what’s being played and what’s coming up on the programme. The Facebook and Twitter accounts are also there to let the artists themselves know that we are supporting their music and actively playing it. With over 1600 likes since launching this has already proven very popular.

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