Bluegrass and More with Smokin' Joe Moore

Smokin' Joe Moore brings you Bluegrass and More on Saturday afternoons from 12 noon for 2 hours on 89.9 fm 4DDD, live and from a secret location in the mountains. You will hear top country, country rock and the best of bluegrass. Bluegrass originates from Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia and other states in the USA and that's where Smokin' Joe sources the musical material for his show. Smokin' Joe only plays the top artists, the genuine article from the home of bluegrass. And if you are into country rock he's got country to rock ya plus he does country back as far as 1927 with The Carter Family, Jimmy Rodgers, Hank Snow, Hank Williams and many more artists. Tune in and find out next Saturday afternoon. He also welcomes comment on the show, good or not good. Contact him on:  smokin joe moore at gmail dot com    He'd love to hear from you.

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