We recognise the importance to many listeners to develop their spiritual lives. We include content to uplift and inspire residents and visitors alike, such as positive quotes, suicide prevention messages and tips on improving health and well being.

For Christian content listen in to 4DDD each weekday after about 10:15am when we play 'What God Is Doing Today'. George Lee reads an excerpt from an inspiring and often though-provoking non-fiction novel written by a Christian author. George lives in the Western Downs and is a successful published author of a wonderful auto-biography called Hold Fast To Dreams.

After 11am each day we play Lutheran Media's 'On The Spot' and each Sunday after 6am and 7am enjoy 'Face to Face'.

In addition, listen in to Nico each Sunday from 6pm to 8pm to hear his show entitled All About Jesus where he shares his faith in English and Afrikaans. 

When we can, we collaborate with the minister's fraternal in Dalby to bring together a wonderful hour-long combined Christians' Christmas program. We have also recorded the Mayoral Christmas Concert of music for the enjoyment of listeners. 

If you would like to attend a Church service you can get further information about Churches in the region from Our Western Downs website.